Investment Process


The Company will seek to achieve risk-adjusted returns through the acquisition of both residential and commercial real estate investments. The Company intends to implement an investment strategy that includes identifying small to medium-sized properties that present the opportunity to provide increased cash flow and substantial appreciation.

We believe that our strategy will enable the Company to achieve more favorable pricing, increase diversification and maximize financing flexibility. We may also pursue larger transactions where the Company can maintain its overall investment diversification through co-investment or joint ventures with real estate firms employing similar investment objectives and criteria.

Investment opportunities targeted will include residential properties, such as mixed-use, multi-family apartment buildings, as well as commercial properties, such as office buildings and shopping centers. The Company may also purchase vacant land with the potential for increase in value as a result of re-zoning or other improvements.

The Company should enjoy competitive advantages as a result of the, (1) finance and real estate industry contacts of the Company’s principals and affiliates, which should generate significant deal flow outside of a competitive bid environment; (2) Company’s ability to rapidly identify untapped upside potential in investment opportunities; and (3) size of the Company’s resources, which should enhance its ability to make desirable acquisitions because property owners will be more comfortable knowing that the Company will have the funds necessary to promptly close transactions.

Exiting to Maximize Return. The Company will pursue exit strategies which will maximize returns including sale, disposition, refinancing and/or recapitalization. The Company believes that a portfolio of significant size with stable cash flow may be more attractive to institutional investors or large private real estate companies than individual investments. Selling a portfolio of investments with an aggregate revenue stream may result in greater profits than a sale of individual properties.

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