Investment Process


In connection with each prospective property acquisition, the Company will inspect the property and examine and analyze the local marketplace and available records. In many cases, the design of a capital improvements program to enhance the value of a property will be an integral part of the acquisition process. The Company will structure the acquisition and related financing on terms designed to meet its investment objectives. Creative structuring is often the cornerstone of a successful acquisition. Following acquisition, we will implement an aggressive program to increase the property’s cash flow, including, but not limited to such strategies as vacating illegal tenants, tenant buyouts, restructuring tenant leases, relocating tenants, adding additional sources of income, renovating vacant apartments, providing building-wide improvements and expanding the rentable square footage of the property.

The Company will seek to increase the value of its investments by:

  • developing, renovating, redeveloping and repositioning its investments when necessary;
  • improving the management and leasing of its investments;
  • optimizing the financial structure of its investments on favorable terms;
  • participating in the recovery and growth of target markets;
  • reducing operating expenses.

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