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The recent economic crisis has contributed to the plummeting of property values across the country. New jargon has come to the market with property being described as being “under water” or “upside down”, meaning that the mortgage balance is greater than the value of the property.

We believe this situation will present an opportunity for those who are knowledgeable and sufficiently capitalized to purchase property at significantly reduced prices. In order to be in position to take advantage of this shared vision, the principals of the Company formed the Rolling Cash Opportunity Fund, (the “Fund”) which commenced operations on March 1, 2008.

The Company’s principals each are long term real estate professionals possessing experience in finance and property management, acquisition and development. Their extensive experience includes retail and commercial shopping centers, multi-family developments, and both rental and conversions to cooperative and condominium ownership. They also possess extensive knowledge of new construction and gut renovation development.

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